Xcel Center

St. Paul, Minnesota. April 2008

Xcel Center

Cards from the “Electoral College Widget Series I”

OS-X Widget
Element from “The Electoral College” media project
December 2007 - present [Initially published daily; new widget cards now published intermittently]

Cards from the "Electoral College Widget Series I"

Early Prototype for “The Electoral College Tuner”

Media Player with Alternate Audio Tracks
May 2008

Early Prototype for "The Electoral College Tuner"

Revised Electoral College “tuner” prototype

Revised Electoral College "tuner" prototype

The Electoral College

The Electoral College is a year-long, hybrid new media art|journalism project focusing on the U.S. presidential elections, and the opportunities and challenges presented for democratic, civic engagement.

A crew of the electoral college is currently in the first days of a seventeen-day road trip from Omaha to Denver to Minneapolis-St. Paul and back to  Omaha, traveling to the DEM and GOP conventions.

Its web site functions as a headquarters from which to view various parts of the project, and currently features links to its YouTube channel and Flickr site.

A project for Vectors Journal is also in its final stages of technology development.

Project Web site: http://www.america-the-globe.net/tec/

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jonwinet

updated: 08.22.2008