Position and Imposition

MCAD Faculty Respond to Politics

Position and Imposition

Position and Imposition: MCAD Faculty Responds to Politics

MCAD’s annual faculty exhibition takes on the current political climate and our desire to make art a conduit in addressing the controversial social, political, and economic issues of our day.

Participating in the exhibition are Abigail A. Allan, Jerry Allan, Erik Brandt, Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl, Carole Fisher, Teri Fullerton, David Goldes, Justin Heideman, Ursula Husted, Brad Jirka, Vince Leo, Dennis Lo, Margie McGee and Ulana Zahajkiewycz, James O’Brien, Natasha Pestich, Barbara Schulz, Tom Schroeder, Rik Sferra, Samantha Siker, Piotr Szyhalski, Aaron Van Dyke, and Karen Wirth.

Liberal Arts faculty members are also taking part in the experience at positionimposition.blogspot.com, sharing reviews and documents, recommending texts, and much more.

This exhibition is open to the public. Click for gallery hours and directions to campus.