By you, the audience!

Conceived by Diana Arce (Berlin, Germany)

- TheUnConventional Gathering Place: August 31 Reception
- Peavey Plaza: Sept. 1 & 2 at 4PM
- Bedlam Theater: Sept. 3 (4-7PM, 10PM); Sept. 4 (7PM)

Now you too can deliver the great rhetoric filled speeches of today’s most important politicians. Why settle with hearing politicians when Politaoke allows you to become them. Politaoke, an audience participatory political karaoke bar, changes the face of politics and karaoke by allowing audience members to take on the role of political leaders. It provides the audience a platform to perform, mock, hear and see clearly what politicians say. It allows you the audience to decide how to interpret each politician’s words.

See the Politaoke website.