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1000 Print Summer on flickr

by mediachef at 7:32 am 2008-09-02
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Looks like the 1000 Print Summer is 54 prints closer after Labor Day in Peavey Plaza. Hopefully, the thunderstorms will hold off today, so they can go over the top. Join us for the last day of the UnConvention in Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis to make a print, a sign, take a tour of the downtown public art, listen to music, or join the Revolutionary Table for some free lunch and conversation.

1000 Print Summmer prints on flickr

Poster Of the Hour!

by Chris Pennington at 10:23 pm 2008-08-26
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You know it’s official when you have a fancy poster!

We look forward to a great event and hope to see you all at the parade!


The Liberty Parade

Dialog City in the news

by mediachef at 7:59 am 2008-08-23
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UConvention partner Dialog City in Denver is about to open its doors at the DNC.

Politics stokes digital artists’ fires

“Curated by Seth Goldenberg, “Dialog:City” is a vigorous nod to the fact that 21st-century digital-culture artists and performers — such as Miller and R. Luke DuBois, whose “Hindsight Is Always 2 0/20″ will also be showing convention week at the Denver Center Arts Complex — not only can engage with pressing issues, but they intend to.”

via Denver Post

Art Show Makes Political Statement

Every arts group with a couple of empty walls - or an open sidewalk - is putting up work with a political flavor to mark the Democratic National Convention and offer commentary on the state of the nation.

via Rocky Mountain News