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Sometimes it’s not the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

Revolutionary Table at the UnConvention

“MINNEAPOLIS, MN — They weren’t carrying signs. They didn’t have loud speakers. They didn’t even need a group of guards in riot gear to make sure they didn’t get out of hand.

Call them the non-protesting protesters. About 14 or so of them gathered — many coming and going and some just stopping by for the free food — at the “Unconvention” to take a different approach to protesting the Iraq war: talking it out.”

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Mark Bieganski, Sometimes it’s not the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. Protesters gather for quiet, yet ‘effective’ demonstration, Chicago Sun-Times

UnConvention at High Noon

by mediachef at 8:15 pm 2008-09-03
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High Noon in Minneapolis

“High-noon on the mean streets of Minneapolis…”

via Bob Collins News Cut, Denver 2 Minneapolis 1: Where’s the ‘there’ here?

UnConvention TV - episode 2 now online

Check out the latest amazing episode of UnConvention TV, from the Liberty Parade to the March on the RNC. UnConvention TV, edited and produced by Chris Strouth, is a mixtape of footage from the Uptake, the Electoral College, and a ton of others. A time capsule of the RNC in St. Paul 2008.