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Code Pink @ RNC

Code Pink at the RNC

Code Pink, producer of Walk In Their Shoes, at the RNC.

Battles Over Billboard Space Precede G.O.P. Gathering

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Suzanne Opton’s Soldier Billboard project was to be presented by Forecast Public Art during the RNC as part of the UnConvention.

According to the New York Times today,

“Ms. Opton’s photographs, part of a series called the Soldier Billboard Project, have been displayed on billboards in Syracuse, and one was on a billboard in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. But the company that owns the Minneapolis-St. Paul billboards, CBS Outdoor, part of the larger media conglomerate, canceled her contract last week, having decided that the pictures sent a confusing and inappropriate message.”

The article also discusses the denial of a permit for True North to have a video billboard during the RNC.

via Susan Saulny, Battles Over Billboard Space Precede G.O.P. Gathering
NYT, Published: August 29, 2008.

Ripple Effect

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Substance presents

Beyond the Convention, Beyond Partisanship: A daylong festival propelling a new wave of progressive action outside the RNC.

September 2nd, 2008, 12:30-7pm

Minnesota State Capitol Lawn, St. Paul, MN

Featuring Michael Franti, Dead Prez, Anti-Flag, Wookie Foot w/Matisyahu, Medea Benjamin (co-founder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange), Will Steger (arctic explorer and global warming activist), DJ K-Salaam, I Self Devine, Tru Ruts showcase, Indigo, B. Dolan and Prolyphic, the Sustainable Living Roadshow, and more.

Sponsored by Global Exchange, Backbone Campaign, Will Steger Foundation, Campus Progress,, Oxfam America, YAWR, Liberator Magazine, Thrifty Hipster, Equal Exchange, The Green Institute, OutFront MN, 7 Corners Printing, CODEPINK, and more.

On September 2nd 2008, 7-10,000 people will gather at the Minnesota State Capitol Mall to engage in trainings, education, community building, music and art in the name of positive social and environmental change.

With the attention of the nation on St. Paul, RIPPLE EFFECT will go beyond the convention and beyond partisanship to further the already burgeoning global movement for sustainability, justice and equality.

Organized by Substance, a young nonprofit founded by three progressives in their early 20’s, RIPPLE EFFECT will create partnerships with a diverse team of local and national organizations to provide a catalyst that will unite activists, engage youth and demonstrate positive action.

Their work is not finished, however, as they have yet to meet their fundraising goal. To keep the event free and open to all, they are raising money organically through individual donations, name-your-own-price tickets, and sponsorships from like-minded companies.

* Your contribution will make this event possible. Get your tickets at To donate via paypal, click here! Contact for more information. Thanks!

Free and Open to All | A Green and Zero-Waste Event. |