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American Politics Sideshow

American Politics Sideshow

No, not the RNC. On the way to Peace Island Picnic, stop at the Weisman Art Museum for a day of the American Politics Sideshow. Mingle with giants, hoola hoopers, and musicians. Expound on any subject on THE AMERICAN SOAPBOX. Take a citizenship challenge and win fabulous prizes. Hear discussions with ethnic media covering the RNC. Buy food from the upscale chef shack. Hear lectures on art and politics, and see Presidential reenactments and films reflecting America today. In the galleries, view Luke DuBois’s exhibit “Hindsight is Always 20/20,” which muses on presidential vision and rhetoric in presidential State of the Union speeches. Also view “Who is a Citizen ? What is Citizenship” featuring American art of the last century. Events occur from late morning until after dark.

Where: Weisman Art Museum, inside and outside
When: Thursday, September 4, 11 am — 9 pm

Participate in re-design of the White House

by mediachef at 10:28 pm 2008-01-19
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“What if the White House, the ultimate architectural symbol of political power, were to be designed today? On occasion of the election of the 44th President of the United States of America, Storefront for Art and Architecture, in association with Control Group, challenge you to design a new residence for the world’s most powerful individual. The best ideas, designs, descriptions, images, and videos will be selected by some of the world’s most distinguished designers and critics and featured in a month-long exhibition at Storefront for Art and Architecture in July 2008 and published in Surface magazine. All three winners will be flown to New York to collect their prizes at the opening party. Register now and send us your ideas for the Presidential Palace of the future!”


Tracking the US Presidential elections on the global web

by mediachef at 6:38 pm 2007-12-23
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US Election 2008 Web Monitor

“The US Election 2008 Web Monitor provides weekly snapshots of global Web coverage. The results reflect attention and sentiment towards the US presidential candidates. Lists of keywords summarize the most important issues associated with each candidate.”

Pictured at right is a graph of the sentiment as measured by the US Election Web Monitor about the two “surging” candidates, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama.

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