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UnConvention TV - episode 2 now online

Check out the latest amazing episode of UnConvention TV, from the Liberty Parade to the March on the RNC. UnConvention TV, edited and produced by Chris Strouth, is a mixtape of footage from the Uptake, the Electoral College, and a ton of others. A time capsule of the RNC in St. Paul 2008.

R.N.C. Diary

by mediachef at 1:28 pm 2008-08-30
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“I heard somebody saying, ‘They’re coming, they’re coming!’ And feet pounding on the back stairs, pounding on the door saying they had a search warrant. They busted through the door. They’ve got their guns cocked at people.” Sammy Schutz held tightly to five-year-old Gabe, who had been watching a video with his mother and father and about 20 other people when the police stormed into 827 Smith Avenue in St. Paul, ordering everyone down on the floor.

“All I could feel was Mama Bear—do whatever you want to do to me, but I need to get my son out safe. He was watching his dad get handcuffed. And he’s saying, ‘Mommy, mommy, why did they crash through the door?’”

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