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Call for Photographs and Media

by mediachef at 10:35 pm 2008-08-16
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PARTY! Selection, Election and the Body Politic – 2008

Opening Presidential Inauguration Day (January 20) 2009

IFP Minnesota Center for Media Arts, 2446 University Avenue, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN

The quadreienial suspension of rationality in an attempt to get a small percentage of the electorate to believe our candidate isn’t as bad as the other candidate with distortions of the facts to swing the election is under way. The IFP Photo Galleries will be expanded present a large selection of photographs made in response to, inspired by, and simply of the 2008 election process. We are looking for images in, and beyond, the documentary genre. We encourage works that conceptually interpret the process, creative portraiture and multi-media. Subject matter can include the candidates, their election team, the hype team (commercial promotion and production), national, state, local, grass roots, third (fourth, fifth…) party candidates, the issues at stake, those reacting to the process (artists, protestors, the media), the RNC in St. Paul and so on. Submit up to 20 digital photos, 72 dpi 12 inches on the longest size, saved as hi quality jpegs files each titled by number and the artist’s last name and a corresponding image title list (number, title, size, medium), along with a brief statement saved on a CD. Also print out the image title list and statement. Send the CD and printed materials to PARTY, IFP Minnesota Center for Media Arts • 2446 University Ave. West, Suite 100 St. Paul, MN 55114 phone: (651) 644-1912 by December 1, 2008. One to five images, possibly more, will be requested from the successful applicants who will be notified no later than December 10. Artists must be able to deliver their works framed and ready for hanging to IFP by January 10, 2009.

Questions or comments should be directed to Vance Gellert