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Battles Over Billboard Space Precede G.O.P. Gathering

by mediachef at 12:09 pm 2008-08-30
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Suzanne Opton’s Soldier Billboard project was to be presented by Forecast Public Art during the RNC as part of the UnConvention.

According to the New York Times today,

“Ms. Opton’s photographs, part of a series called the Soldier Billboard Project, have been displayed on billboards in Syracuse, and one was on a billboard in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. But the company that owns the Minneapolis-St. Paul billboards, CBS Outdoor, part of the larger media conglomerate, canceled her contract last week, having decided that the pictures sent a confusing and inappropriate message.”

The article also discusses the denial of a permit for True North to have a video billboard during the RNC.

via Susan Saulny, Battles Over Billboard Space Precede G.O.P. Gathering
NYT, Published: August 29, 2008.

Make an effort tops Creativity

by mediachef at 12:41 pm 2008-08-29
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The UnConvention’s Make an Effort campaign by Campbell Mithun is top pick on Creativity.

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Make an Effort

by mediachef at 5:30 am 2008-08-27
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Regardless of your political leaning, everyone in the Metro area should open their arms (or at least be Minnesota-nice) to our guests during the Republican National Convention. An advertising campaign created by Twin Cities advertising agency, Campbell Mithun, encourages you to find your own way to graciously welcome our many visitors–as well as participate in the many non-partisan activities going on in town during the RNC. Check out the campaign and pass it along!