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How Not to Get Arrested for Dancing in the Streets

by kathleen at 12:37 pm 2008-09-03
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Bird in the Sky Primary School of Behavioral Art completed another joyful protest to standardized behavior in downtown Saint Paul on Sept. 1.  Don’t You Feel It Too befuddled and amused conventioneers, media, downtown workers, and the security forces.  One dancer reported “I am so happy to have been part of this shared experience. One of the highlights from my solo dancing yesterday: I was in front of a row of policeman who at first had somewhat stern expressions, then softened a bit, some cracked smiles, and then a little while later I looked back at them and one of them held up the back of a police manual where he had written a big “8.5″. So many wonderful moments!”

Don\’t You Feel It Too?

 Here are a few more links to videos and print press.

Twin Cites blog called it “the highlight of the Saint Paul experience” (half way down the article):

Alas, the group’s still photographer didn’t make it–she was “detained” for being in the wrong place at the right time.  See her Flickr  photos of the Shepard Road arrest scene. 

Youth Blogging with Mayor Rybak at MySpace Kiosk

by kathleen at 1:19 pm 2008-09-01
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Frances Kane at MySpace Kiosk

Frances Kane at MySpace Kiosk

The UnConvention converged on a MySpace Kiosk in downtown Minneapolis for the RNC this morning. Frances Kane of “Project Girl” at Intermedia and teenage MySpace advisors Alanna Maloney and Sade Odumuye invited the mayor to be a MySpace friend and contemplated the question “what is democracy?”

Don’t You Feel It Too Inside the Perimeter

by kathleen at 12:59 pm 2008-09-01
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Marcus Young (Bird in the Sky Primary School of Behavioral Art) and friends practiced dancing where dancing doesn’t belong yesterday inside the “soft perimeter” of the convention site. Marcus reports “We had a thrilling and meaningful practice today.  8 of us changed the emotional air of the spaces in and around Rice Park–more police photos, a bit of grumpiness, but lots of smiles and bewilderment.  One of us even spotted Jon Stewart enjoying our work.”