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The UnConvention on flickr and twitter

by Justin Heideman at 3:12 pm 2008-08-30
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Just a quick note: We’ve added flickr and twitter feeds to the sidebar on the site, making it easier to keep tabs on what people are seeing and saying. If you want your image or tweet to show up, just mention “unconvention” as a tag or in your tweet. It’ll show up in a few minutes on the site.

Current TV brings UnConventionally Yours

by Justin Heideman at 10:42 am 2008-08-25
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I’m a big fan of Current TV, and they just did a spot about the RNC in Minneapolis / St. Paul called UnConventionally Yours. Perhaps ironically, it doesn’t actually mention The UnConvention, but it does give a pretty good overview of the Twin Cities and the RNC to any visitors or residents that want to know how we’re perceived.

There’s also a version about the DNC in Denver.

Video about the F30 Pedal Cloud, an 11 person bike

by Justin Heideman at 1:07 pm 2008-08-05
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The Minnesota Independent has a video about the F30 Pedal Cloud, a bike powered by 11 people, and part of The UnConvention, sponsored by Forecast Public Art:

While the bike had made appearances at events from the May Day Parade to Pride, its inspiration is less… summery: Last winter, out on the ice of Medicine Lake, Forecast director Jack Becker encountered its ancestor. As part of the Soap Factory’s Art Shanty Projects, in which artists reinvent the traditional icefishing house, a group of artists had built an art shanty on wheels. Over five weeks, the six-person, pedal-powered ice shack had racked up some 200 miles. And Becker knew he’d found his project.