Make an Effort

by mediachef at 5:30 am 2008-08-27
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Regardless of your political leaning, everyone in the Metro area should open their arms (or at least be Minnesota-nice) to our guests during the Republican National Convention. An advertising campaign created by Twin Cities advertising agency, Campbell Mithun, encourages you to find your own way to graciously welcome our many visitors–as well as participate in the many non-partisan activities going on in town during the RNC. Check out the campaign and pass it along!

One Comment

  1. by Matthew Sweet at 4:19 pm 2008-8-28

    I find some of this stuff to be pretty condescending and borderline homophobic.
    So, basically everyone should pretend to be something they aren’t while a bunch of old white guys are in town?
    I’m guessing a couple of old white guys came up with this “idea” as well.

    Try again.