Peace Island Picnic–parking, directions, etc

by Thomas Dickinson at 11:51 am 2008-08-20
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PARKING: There will be very limited Harriet Island parking available to the Peace Island Picnic, and much of that is already assigned to a group of art cars, the Bush Legacy Bus and others. We recommend street parking. There should be a lot available.

DIRECTIONS: Because so much of downtown Saint Paul will have no traffic at all during the Republican Convention, we recommend entering Harriet Island by Plato Blvd via Hwy 52.

  • From Minneapolis take I-94 east to the Hwy 52 exit, then the Plato Blvd. exit off 52, then follow signs to Harriet Island.
  • From the north, take I-35E, Keep LEFT to take I-35E S via EXIT 46 toward ST PAUL. Merge onto US-52 S via EXIT 107A on the LEFT. Then take the Plato Blvd exit.
  • From the east, take I-94 and exit south onto Hwy 52, then take the Plato Blvd exit. From the East, take I-94 west. Take the 6TH ST exit, EXIT 242D, on the LEFT toward US-52 S. Take the Plato Blvd exit.
  • From the south, take Hwy 52 and exit at Plato Blvd.


  • blankets, sunscreen, frisbee, the usual
  • the Picnic food will be simple and will last as long as it lasts. You can bring your own additions to it–drinks, chips, etc.
  • High spirits, good intentions, your own peace to share.


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