Time is running out to vote on signs for My Yard Our Message

by Justin Heideman at 2:43 pm 2008-07-25
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Time is running out to cast votes for your favorite yard signs in My Yard Our Message. Voting will officially close on Sunday the 27th. But in reality, it probably won’t actually be closed until the morning of Monday the 28th, since that’s when I’ll update the code and turn voting off.

Once the voting is done, it will take a little bit of time to calculate the totals, and prepare all the winning signs for purchase in our store. I have been hard at work at some slick mapping tools for keeping track of where signs are, and what neighborhoods have the most. Vote and stay tuned!

One Comment

  1. by Yard Signs at 10:38 am 2008-8-11

    I think this sign is great. I think everyone should start putting yard signs in their yards with actual messages, ones that mean something. Opinionated signs are great and all, but where are the ones with depth?