RemixAmerica: A new political video remix community

by Justin Heideman at 2:22 pm 2008-07-10
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CDM tips us off to a new politically oriented project called RemixAmerica. According to the website:

Remix America is all about combining the art of the remix with the great ideals of America. We’re multi-partisan and open to every opinion.

We’re all about free expression via political remixes, mashups and video. Come back every day — we’ll be featuring the best remixes and remixers on the web!

Here’s a sample video of one the better and more recent remixes:

Their goals appear to be not unlike that of The UnConvention, and their focus on video is similar to ours. Interestingly, the RemixAmerica has a library of built-in clips, and you can import video from youtube, images form Flickr and Photobucket, or upload your own video. One could conceivably even make a remix project and post it to both RemixAmerica and I Approve this Message. Even more interestingly, they have a collection of playlists, that list various source materials such as iconic speeches, clips, things from current events, and a collection of favorite remixes.

So far, quality remixes on the site seem a little sparse. As we know, it can be difficult getting the word out about a worthy project. The RemixAmerica Blog is also worth checking out. Lots of good political videos in there, too.

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  1. by ali at 5:49 am 2008-7-11

    Thanks for the the mention. We love your site, and we are especially excited about the ‘I Approve This Message’ contest. We would love to see people post their entries on both sites as well as using some of the resources we have provided in order to create their videos!

    After all, as we say at, “This country is a mash-up — it’s what we’ve been doing from our founding on… so let’s keep the remix going!”

    Hope to see you all there soon!