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My Yard Our Message launches

by Justin Heideman at 3:02 pm 2008-05-29
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We recently launched My Yard Our Message, a project that asks you to design yard signs, vote on them, and display them in your yard. The project is open for your designs any time before the end of June. We have a design template for making the signs as easy as possible. is one of the project sponsors along with the Walker Art Center and has a great article about project.

I also posted some of the tech details on how the website was built and the Facebook App we’ve built to show the signs on profiles and pages.

So far we have 47 signs submitted in the project. Here is just a sample of them:

Use your Superpowers, VOTE!
Use your Superpowers, VOTE!
by Jane Rainwater

Ecology Flag
by Christy Sayre

Ugly partisanship
by Emmet Byrne

by Andy Pressman