Unscripting the political process through guerilla art

by mediachef at 2:47 pm 2008-01-26
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Temporary Services, How To Guerilla Art
Temporary Services is a group of three persons: Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer. They produce creative exhibitions, events, projects and publications. Within their work they create socially dynamic situations and spaces for dialogue. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to them, and their projects embrace a range of content that requires varied visual approaches and presentation strategies.

Part of their practice is the production of over 75 booklets, many of which are available as PDFs. “How to Guerilla Art” is available as part of booklet 73 (pdf download) and includes this description of What Is Guerilla Art?

“Guerilla Art can be spontaneous or planned. The purpose is to bring art to its inspirational environment, to confront it and communicate with it. Guerilla Art provides an opportunity for a massive and diverse audience which might never be found in a museum. A drawback of the traditional Art exhibit is the sterile and pristine space does not mirror the habitat which inspired the creation. Guerilla Ar brings the exhibition into real space and real Time.”

Examples include:

  • serial writing (using the classifieds)
  • drop lifting
  • grate umbrellas
  • messages in chain link fences
  • mail boxes
  • impromptu galleries
  • selective stickers
  • public transport socials / beautification
  • open air video projection
  • small sculpture insertion

Check out Temporary Services, Guerilla Art, join the UnConvention, and help unscript the political process.

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