St. Paul Police: no protest pens at RNC Convention

by Justin Heideman at 12:47 pm 2007-11-02
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The UpTake had this interesting video to share about the protests at RNC Convention next year:

As the RNC Presidential Convention approaches many questions have been raised regarding the access and legal framework of demonstrations. During a forum at St. Thomas University last week citizens were able to ask questions of St. Paul Police leadership. Many members of the peace community were present.

The focus of the forum was on “community policing” and civil disobedience. Assistant Chief Matthew Bostrom, in charge of RNC Convention affairs, did the bulk of the speaking and set the bar high for himself and his office, saying that access will not be limited to “pens” for demonstrations and that the Secret Service would not take over security around the city.

The UnConvention won’t be involved in any protesting activity directly, but we suspect some of the people who participate in our events might. It is good news for Democracy, too.

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