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The Unconvention media release

by Justin Heideman at 10:18 am 2007-09-06
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We’ve officially announced The UnConvention. Here’s the media release:

The UnConvention: Prominent Minnesota Cultural Organizations Convene to Focus on Non-Partisan Creative Civic Engagement Around 2008 Republican National Convention

Minneapolis, MN—The UnConvention is a unique project that seeks to evolve the definition of civic engagement to include experimentation in art, education, and journalism, and to create a better-informed and more politically active citizenry. Over the next year and a half, organizations affiliated with the UnConvention will host lectures, workshops, classes and exhibitions based on the theme of participatory democracy.

The mission of The UnConvention is twofold:

  1. To create and promote artistic and educational activities (exhibitions, lectures, performances, etc.) that will take place in the Twin Cities during the lead-up and staging of the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul/ Minnesota
  2. To be a resource for artists and the alternative media that will converge on the Twin Cities during the Republican National Convention.

The UnConvention is about participation and democracy, the public sphere, media, and creativity—not a critique of the Republican Party and its policies. A non-partisan collective of leaders from prominent cultural organizations and citizens have come together to create a forum in which to promote the free, democratic, and creative exchange of ideas on important issues. It exists as a counterpoint to the highly scripted and predetermined nature of the contemporary presidential nomination process and convention.

Current participating organizations include:

“As we have seen throughout American history, political party conventions are places where creative action and participatory democracy are enacted. These caucuses generate large responses from across the political spectrum.” say John Schott, Daniel Gumnit, and Nora Paul, three the founders of the UnConvention.

The UnConvention website,, will serve as a central organizing space for these two goals. The site currently features information on the project, related activities, and a Blog and will include forums, a calendar of related activities, resources for journalists and visiting artists, and an archive of press and activities.

To get more information or get involved email:

Attached is the same in PDF format: The UnConvention Media Release.